Two glorious weeks at Penland

I just returned from two wonderful weeks at Penland School of Crafts where I got to play at learning and making art without my usual life distractions. Other artists often said to me, “You’re from NC, and you haven’t been to Penland?!” Everything about it was great. The best part was taking a fantastic class on Powder Printing on Glass (then fusing) with awesome Stacy Smith, a well known glass artist in the Pacific NW. She was enthusiastic, an amazing teacher, patient, knowledgeable, energetic, helped those of us who wanted to work late at night and over the weekend — she’s absolutely the best!!! And I finally got a grasp on “layers” in Photoshop; I’m excited about that. I also learned a lot about silk screen printing, and the technique seems very powerful. I just love the possibilities. Here are a few of the projects I created:NY view from MOMA sm

Ciliated cell pattern sm

Roslyn House sm

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