EM Isolated Type II Cells

EM Isolated Type II Cells
(fused glass picture colorized with gold leaf and green glass powder)

Please contact me at if you are interested in a custom-made fused glass picture or sculpture. Most of the fused glass pieces I make are approximately 16″ x 12″ or 12″ x 10″, and are mounted on aluminum or wood picture frames. Larger fused glass pictures can be made on request. This may require either several soldered pieces integrated with leading or the rental of larger kiln space if a single glass panel is to be produced. If you would like one of my glass artworks that is already sold, I may be able to make a similar piece for you. Please email me for quotes. Shipping and NC sales tax (if sold in North Carolina) will be added to the price.

Scientific Commissions

Many of my glass pieces have been inspired by my former career in cancer research and my passion for science and the natural world. I particularly enjoy creating artwork with a scientific theme. For scientists who would like to see their research preserved in a fused glass picture, I can reproduce an electron micrograph or photomicrograph on glass and create a glass picture of your image. It can be somewhat realistic as the EM image of isolated alveolar type II cells from my former research that I colorized with gold leaf and green glass powder, or it can be more abstract like a colorful fused glass picture of mitochondria or DNA.