Fused Glass Castor Bean; the bean is not a bean

Things I didn’t know about the Castor Bean Plant – Beautiful but can be deadly; CASTOR OIL is extracted from the seeds (which are not technically beans) and is used in anti-microbials, cosmetics and medicine. It has been given orally as a laxative, and in the past it was given to kids as a health tonic. It also contains the water soluble toxin RICIN, although ricin is not partitioned into the oil. (do not chew the bean!). Much of the plant can be allergenic and toxic. It’s legal to grow but not to extract the ricin.
Castor oil has also been used in biofuels and as an effective motor lubricant. It has been used in internal combustion engines, including in WWI airplanes and some model airplanes. I love the colors of the leaves and seed pods.

Castor Bean, (20 x 16″), (sold)

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