It’s Ground Hog Day again

I hope I’m moving forward with my art and not creating the same old thing as last year (thinking about Ground Hog Day, the movie)! I did work more on creating a variety of thin “holey” wafers and finished one project, called Phase Shifts, using them. I’m still working on some more “microbiological” reticulated/web-like or networked wafers. In the mean time, I also just finished a piece for the new themed show, “Electric Avenue”, opening next week at Pleiades Arts in Durham.
If I don’t get too much done creatively, it might be that I’m now on the Board of Directors of the Carolina Designer Craftsmen Guild working on the show committee, and I’m helping with the grants committee at Pleiades Arts. These are kind of daunting tasks for me, especially as I’d rather be playing in my studio.

Phase Shifts

Electric Avenue

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