Generations explores human life cycles and the passage of time from one generation to the next. The glass hands were made using the lost wax technique. Mother Nature’s Daughters was conceived after examining four generations of changes in hand skin topography and patterns from age 8 to 95 and after contemplating the changes in women’s lives over the past century. Where did we come from, how do we think about age and time, and how have women’s lives changed. Do we show it in our hands? I Can Still Play is a metaphor for life. Will I ever be too old to play? The Hand of Time asks the time, forgets the time. Twist of Fate is a reflection of times past. Are there skeletons in the attic of your mind? Which key? Which lock? Which love? Attic Treasure tells the story of the dressed flea, elusive, undiscovered and gone, symbolic of a lifetime of collection and loss. The ghostly hand probably still haunts that attic of the mind. Regrets represents saying goodbye, but wishing you had said more. Augmented Eternity is about passing on memories to the current generation.

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