Tiny neighborhood spring beauties

While walking through my neighborhood, I noticed these tiny (about 1/2 inch long) winged elm seeds. I decided to make them in glass. It was a labor of love as each little wisp of white was a drawn out stringer cut and put in place. A few jumped on the first fuse and had to be ground off, and the piece refused a few times.

Winged Elm

Winged Elm

Winged Elm Seeds

Winged Elm Seeds (23″ x 19″) ($550)

Bull Durham 1 and 2

Durham is a great little city, and I love being a member of 5 Points Gallery Co-op. Last year I created a fused glass piece with iconic Durham buildings, and I was challenged to make another one this year. So, here are my two artworks about Durham.

Bull Durham (sold)

Bull Durham (sold)

Bull Durham 2 (18″ x 22″) sold

Durham is Growing UP!

5 Points Gallery is in a historic spot in Durham that has held many different businesses and started out as a barn. Around the corner WAS the iconic South Bank building that was demolished over the past month. It is gone now. A new 27 story building will take its place. I have been working on one of my largest fused glass art works about Durham for a few months. Each small piece and building had to be fused separately before building the whole piece and fusing it all together. Even though the tiny pieces are glued before fusing, sometimes they jump around and have to be ground off and refused. My new piece is “Bull Durham.”

South bank 2

South bank 1

South bank 2

South bank 2

Bull Durham (22" x 26")

Bull Durham (22″ x 26″)

Little sleeping Bats

Recently I was fortunate to see some little bats (long nose bats, I think) sleeping in a tree near a waterway by the Panama Canal. I love the pattern on their backs and the way they line up on the trunk of the tree. So, I decided to try to create them in fused glass. I made the bats out of glass powder wafers, and the leaves out of glass clay. The tree is made of glass powder too.

Bats at Rest (20" x 16"

Bats at Rest (20″ x 16″)

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