About the Artist

I began my glass fusing adventure with a workshop by Dan Fenton in 1993. Since then, I have taken several kilnforming workshops with him and other artists. After retiring from my scientific career at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, I was able to focus more on my artistic endeavors. My glass art has been exhibited in many local juried art shows since 1999, and I’m a member of the Carolina Designer Craftsmen Guild and Glass Art Society. In 2012 I won the Dino Reed Foundation award at the CDC Fair, and my art has recently been featured in two books about glass art. I also teach fused glass techniques at Carolina Stained Glass in Durham, NC.

The inspiration for my artwork stems from a lifelong fascination with biology and the patterns found in nature. During my scientific career, I was always intrigued by the life forms I studied under the microscope and by the beauty I perceived in the research going on in my laboratory. Many of my fused glass pictures and sculptures have underlying scientific themes, although my style tends toward the abstract rather than the literal. I view each piece as an experiment, and it is exhilarating to open the kiln and see the results of the fusing process. Fortunately, with experience, the results of these experiments have become more predictable. I love the colors, textures, and depth of view that can be achieved with kilnformed glass, and the possibilities for creativity seem endless.