It feels like we can see the light at the end of the tunnel

As the days are getting longer and more people are getting vaccinated, I am hopeful for the opening up of our lives and livelihoods.
Here is one of my new artworks called the Bird Watcher. After seeing very few birds in my back yard over the winter, I decided to wash out the bird feeders and set them up with new food. After about 2 weeks they are finally finding the food and visiting my area again.

Bird Watcher (20" x 16")

Bird Watcher (20″ x 16″)

Indecision or Transition

This seems like a good time to experiment. A few years ago I took a workshop where we started with a simple idea and built on it to make a series of related piece from simple to more complex. I decided to try this again and came up with this final product. While it is titled “Indecision”, I think of it more as a transition from one piece to the next.

Indecision (30" x 12")


Fun With Bullseye Graffiti Glass

Some times when I’m looking through the Bullseye graffiti and glasscadia glass at Carolina Stained Glass, I see a vision of a creature that wants to emerge from the pattern in the glass. To see what I mean, check out my Glasscadia art in the Menu. Bullseye Glass is now holding a contest with their graffiti glass to make something interesting. To advertise the contest, they used my piece called, “Mutant Boar”. Here is another piece I just finished with a small piece of the graffiti glass I had. It’s “A Whale of a Whale.”

A Whale of a whale

A Whale of a whale

Bangkok Art Walk

Here is another art work from my trip to Thailand. One early morning the concierge at our hotel gave me a map of the art works (mostly graffiti) within a few blocks of the hotel. So, I walked around, and my favorite area was carved graffiti on a long concrete wall that curved along a street near the hotel.

Bangkok woman graffiti

Spring is here

I recently returned from an amazing trip to SE Asia. In Bangkok we visited the Jim Thompson house/museum. He was one of the most famous Americans in Thailand and was responsible for reviving the silk industry there in the 1950-60s. Check out Jim Thompson -designer at Wikipedia. He led a very interesting life and disappeared without a trace on a trip to Malaysia in 1967. The glass art here was inspired by a trio of red umbrellas shading the side of his house that bordered a lovely garden and shade trees.

Red Umbrellas

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