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Indecision or Transition

This seems like a good time to experiment. A few years ago I took a workshop where we started with a simple idea and built on it to make a series of related piece from simple to more complex. I decided to try this again and came up with this final product. While it is titled “Indecision”, I think of it more as a transition from one piece to the next.

Indecision (30" x 12")


Fun With Bullseye Graffiti Glass

Some times when I’m looking through the Bullseye graffiti and glasscadia glass at Carolina Stained Glass, I see a vision of a creature that wants to emerge from the pattern in the glass. To see what I mean, check out my Glasscadia art in the Menu. Bullseye Glass is now holding a contest with their graffiti glass to make something interesting. To advertise the contest, they used my piece called, “Mutant Boar”. Here is another piece I just finished with a small piece of the graffiti glass I had. It’s “A Whale of a Whale.”

A Whale of a whale

A Whale of a whale

Bangkok Art Walk

Here is another art work from my trip to Thailand. One early morning the concierge at our hotel gave me a map of the art works (mostly graffiti) within a few blocks of the hotel. So, I walked around, and my favorite area was carved graffiti on a long concrete wall that curved along a street near the hotel.

Bangkok woman graffiti

Spring is here

I recently returned from an amazing trip to SE Asia. In Bangkok we visited the Jim Thompson house/museum. He was one of the most famous Americans in Thailand and was responsible for reviving the silk industry there in the 1950-60s. Check out Jim Thompson -designer at Wikipedia. He led a very interesting life and disappeared without a trace on a trip to Malaysia in 1967. The glass art here was inspired by a trio of red umbrellas shading the side of his house that bordered a lovely garden and shade trees.

Red Umbrellas

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