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It’s Ground Hog Day again

I hope I’m moving forward with my art and not creating the same old thing as last year (thinking about Ground Hog Day, the movie)! I did work more on creating a variety of thin “holey” wafers and finished one project, called Phase Shifts, using them. I’m still working on some more “microbiological” reticulated/web-like or networked wafers. In the mean time, I also just finished a piece for the new themed show, “Electric Avenue”, opening next week at Pleiades Arts in Durham.
If I don’t get too much done creatively, it might be that I’m now on the Board of Directors of the Carolina Designer Craftsmen Guild working on the show committee, and I’m helping with the grants committee at Pleiades Arts. These are kind of daunting tasks for me, especially as I’d rather be playing in my studio.

Phase Shifts

Electric Avenue

New year of glass art approaching

Cell network detail experiment

Cell network detail experiment

As 2017 is winding down, I’m spending some time thinking about my future creative directions for my art. Ever since I did a fun and successful commission about microscopic networks last spring, I’ve been planning a project to create more of these networks. If I don’t get too side tracked, I think my next big body of work will follow this direction. Here are two of my first experiments.
Wafer network experiment

Wafer network experiment

Open Studio Nov 18-19

This week I’m cleaning up the studio and house and making another batch of my inexpensive fused glass jewelry, some with a new marble style created from some of my pattern bars. If you’re in middle NC, come see me on Saturday, Nov 18, 10-4 or Sunday, Nov 19, noon-4. I love to show people what I’m doing and how I do it. I also have 2 pieces in a November show on Landscapes and Seascapes at 311 W. Martin St. Gallery in Raleigh and several pieces in a new show at Pleiades Arts Gallery in Durham starting next week.

The Birds

The Birds

Two Local Shows of my art glass in October

This week I helped install two new shows that will be on exhibit during October with a lot of my art pieces at Pleiades Art Gallery in Durham and at the Pittsboro Center for the Arts, where Bob Wade and I have a show of his wood and paintings along with my glass art. The 3rd Friday reception at Pleiades is Oct. 20th from 6-9pm, and the opening reception in Pittsboro is Saturday, Oct. 7 from 6-9pm. Here is a piece I just finished for the Durham show: It’s called Pscyclepathic Lizard.Pscyclepathic Lizard Pscyclepathic Lizard[/caption]

End of summer, new ideas, Come Out and Play show

This summer has been a whirl-wind of travel and collecting photos and memories. Iceland was absolutely amazing, especially as I love geology. The skies!!! The water falls, volcanoes, glaciers, moon scapes!! I just culled my photos down to about 1600. Now what? So many natural patterns, thoughts of glass making. In the mean time we just installed a new exhibit at Pleiades Gallery in Durham, and our theme for this show is “Assemblage”. One of my new pieces for this show is “Twist of Fate – Love Locks based on inspiration from love locks I have seen on the Brooklyn Bridge, a foot bridge in Norfolk and other bridges around the world.

If you live near Durham, NC, visit Pleiades Gallery (3rd Friday reception) and/or come out to Jim-Gin Farm in Chatham County for “Come out and Play” art and sculpture show, Aug. 26-27, and the next 4 Saturdays in Sept.

Twist of Fate Love Locks

Twist of Fate Love Locks

Summer Time for Travel and Contemplation

Travel time for me means taking and collecting photos and images, some for potential art ideas or inspiration, and taking a break from making, but always thinking art glass (It’s a passion and an obsession). Luckily, I just finished a new piece, entitled “Melting” for the Pleiades Gallery annual show, “Truth to Power” that will be installed the week after 4th of July. It’s a great, interesting, and always thought provoking art show.



Working on my solo show for Pleiades Gallery, May 4-28

While I have seen a marked deterioration of the seashore environment during my life, I seek out the beauty and favorite sites for expressing my art. I try not to think about the accumulating plastic, blackening of the sand and greening or muddying of the water, changes in seashore wind patterns, and large decline of fish populations that I have observed during my life. My postcards just arrived, and I am getting excited about presenting tidal visions from the point of view of an optimist.
Tidal Vision Front

If March comes in like a lamb, what will happen when it goes out?

My blueberries and peaches are flowering already. Are they going to make it this year? Durham’s last frost is typically mid-April. Aside from fruit worries and politics depression, I have been enjoying myself in my garage studio all winter. I will be having a solo exhibit at Pleiades Gallery in May, entitled, “Tidal Visions”, and I have finished more than half of the pieces for the show. In addition, we have a member group show opening this week titled “Water”, and I made the piece I have pictured here for that show. It is called “Great Salt Lake” and is based on a photo I took from a plane as it was landing in Salt Lake City.

Great Salt Lake

Great Salt Lake

Happy New Year!

I’m trying to shed my election year funk and look ahead to creating some fun and interesting art this year – lots of glass inspiration opportunities too! It’s a BeCon year (Bullseye Glass holds a biennial conference in Portland Oregon), the Glass Art Society meets in Norfolk (close by), and I’m very excited about attending a class in April at Penland with glass art master Mark Peiser and new curator of contemporary art at Corning, Susie Silbert.

Next week at Pleiades Gallery we will be installing a new exhibit called “Together”. Each Pleiades artist invites another artist to exhibit with them. My guest artist is photographer John Cavallito. He has shot some phenomenal photographs of splashes, and I have used a few of his images to create fused glass powder prints. Here is one of my glass works to give you an idea of the work. “Together” will be on display from January 12 to March 5.

Water droplet 1

Water droplet 1

Fall Exhibit news from Teddy

The fall is starting to get busy. Thinking about the Carolina Designer Craftsmen Art Market at Raleigh Convention Center, November 11-13. Please come if you’re in the area.

I’m working on a big commission piece for someone in Virginia, and I have a few pieces in The Glass Wheel Studio in Norfolk until the end of October.

I’m a member at Pleiades Gallery in downtown Durham, and we have art shows that change every 6 weeks right now. The show now is called, Harvest, and I have several art works in the gallery. We are open Wed – Sun.

Nate Sheaffer, neon artist and member at Pleiades Gallery is opening a new studio and gallery called GLAS in Raleigh. The grand opening with a Creepy show for October is on October 14 (check out GLAS on Facebook). I have a piece in the Creepy show and hope to have a presence in the all glass show later.

It's Dinner Time

It’s Dinner Time

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